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A Brief History Of Solar Energy

Posted on Apr 26, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

Solar panels are becoming more and more commonplace today, but did you know that the first instance of using the sun to create energy dates as far back as 1839? It was during this year that French physicist Edmond Becquerel noticed that energy can be sourced from light. After roughly 50 years of experimenting in both Europe and the United States, the first solar cell was created in the early 1890 Read More

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How Solar Manufacturing Affects You

Posted on by Fun in the Sun

If I asked you where the bulk of the world’s solar panels are made, where would you guess? A lot of production used to take place in the United States, but now China has surpassed solar production over the rest of the world. Why does this matter? There are a few ways this manufacturing stronghold can influence how you integrate solar into your own life. First and foremost, since becoming the Read More

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Florida’s Solar Use Is Increasing

Posted on Apr 10, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

The numbers are in, and in 2016 the increase of solar energy in Florida skyrocketed. Certain cities stood out above the rest as places that are taking the adoption of solar power seriously and are working with businesses as well as home owners to bring clean energy to our state. Many reports show that Tampa is leading the way in utilizing solar power, as well as Alachua County and its surrounding Read More

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Now Is The Time To Install Solar

Posted on Apr 02, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

Proposed regulations might show big changes. For Florida residents who are on the fence about installing solar panels onto their home’s roof, now might be the time to fully make the commitment before things change. The state legislature has been heavily focused on amendments that shift the landscape of so Read More

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It’s a Great Time to Live in Florida if You Want Solar

Posted on Mar 28, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

The popularity of solar power has spread across the nation at a rather steady pace. However, 2017 stands to put Florida at the top of its class in terms of solar power capabilities. Florida Power & Light has made an announcement that this year will bring 8 new solar plants to the Sunshine State. This means solar power will be more accessible and more affordable Read More

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To Buy Or To Lease Thats The Solar Question

Posted on Mar 22, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

Are you thinking about installing solar onto your rooftop but you aren’t sure about the financial ramifications of it? You’ve already decided that it’s an obvious choice to cut back on your energy costs and the positive impact on the planet is clear, but how do you afford it? Most individuals have the option of either purchasing their solar panels or leasing t Read More

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Is It Time To Jump On The Solar Bandwagon

Posted on Mar 14, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

Many Floridians are nervous about transitioning their energy needs to solar power, just like most people across the rest of the country. Although the technology has been refined and streamlined over many years, all in all it’s still considered “new.” Early adopters have welcomed this use of natural energy with open arms, and the statistics are there to prove i Read More

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How To Get a Loan For Your Solar Installation

Posted on Mar 03, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

If you’ve been living in your dream home and feel like there’s just one thing missing, it might be solar power. Those in the Sunshine State have increased their use of this renewable energy in Read More

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What Does Solars Future Look Like In 2017

Posted on Feb 28, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

All things considered, solar energy is still a new and underutilized resource compared to many other types of energy we have harnessed over the last hundred years. However the turn toward solar seems to be increasing as companies make installing solar easier and affordable. What could 2017 hold for consumers as the solar landscap Read More

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Solar Panels Have An Invisible Enemy – How Do You Fight It

Posted on Feb 20, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

The air in Florida is wonderful with its warm breezes and salty aroma greeting your face. But did you know that this exact thing that residents love so much can be the number one element that destroys your solar panels before Read More

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