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Pushing The Boundaries of Traditional Solar

Posted on Oct 14, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

When you say the words “solar power” what is the first image that comes to mind? Many times, we think of solar energy as a system that incorporates panels on the rooftop of a luxurious home, and we assume this type of power is far beyond our budget. However, did you know that at Fun in the Sun we offer a Read More

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Live In Tampa Bay – Get Ready For Solar

Posted on Oct 02, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

The spread of solar energy across the nation has been unprecedented, with news outlets reporting that this renewable energy source is growing faster than other traditional types of energy. Not only is that great news for the health of our planet and our economy, but it can help to make the lives of residents across the nation that much easier and more sustainable.Read More

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Solar Gets Moving With New Vehicles On The Horizon

Posted on Sep 28, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

Anyone who’s done the research will tell you that the implementation of solar energy is gaining traction quickly. What was once an idea for people living off the grid has now turned into a huge industry for our country and is set to surpass other energy sources in the coming decades. While installing solar power systems on Read More

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What Is A Solar Co-Op?

Posted on Sep 21, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

If you’ve ever shopped at a locally owned grocery store there’s a chance that it was actually a co-op, a group of people who came together to utilize their skills to make a profit and serve their community. The idea of a co-op is usually a well received thought, and if you’re a Florida resident, you may have heard this word in the context of solar energy.Read More

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Florida Steers Toward Solar In a Big Way

Posted on Sep 10, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

If you keep up with the news as a Florida resident, you may be aware that a huge utility company has been planning to invest a great deal of money into building a nuclear power facility. That is, until recently. In a surprising turn of events, Duke Energy Florida has stopped work on the nuclear side of things and is instead shifting their $6 billion budget toward so Read More

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Using Solar When There is No Sun

Posted on Sep 02, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

Depending on what part of the country you live in, last month’s eclipse might have made a big dent in your solar energy plans. Although the event of totality itself only lasted a few minutes at most, the decreased amount of energy coming from the sun potentially affected your ability to harness its power for at least a few hours. Read More

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Googles New Solar Tool – Project Sunroof

Posted on Aug 01, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

When it comes time for us to research our own household projects, many people have a tendency to want to do their own legwork before calling in the professionals. We all know what can happen: we call someone to come out for a quote or inquire on their website, only to be the recipient of emails and phone calls that make us the target of their new marketing campaign. Read More

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Is Solar Growing as Fast as We Think

Posted on Jul 24, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

Industry experts are always touting solar as the next big thing and often make claims that it will be bigger than all other forms of energy, quite possibly within our lifetime. While this data is often proven, sceptics wonder just how accurate this information can be. We don’t see solar panels everywhere we go, so exactly how fast is solar energy growing? Read More

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Household Features Get a Makeover With Solar in Mind

Posted on Jul 14, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

When someone mentions solar power, you typically think of large dark panels on top of your roof right? They may not always match a home’s aesthetic, and many are hesitant to install them due to concerns over curb appeal. However, companies around the world are coming up with ways to utilize solar that are far more discreet than your typical designs. Read More

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Solar Energy Becomes a Hot Neighborhood Commodity

Posted on Jul 08, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

Many times the idea of solar energy is thought about as an individualized process - someone comes out to your home and puts solar panels on your roof. You, and only you, end up reaping the benefits of the energy savings, and while you’re making a larger impact on our environment, it’s very much a personalized event. Now Read More

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