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Monthly Archives: October 2016

What Does Solar Really Save You

Posted on Oct 27, 2016 by Fun in the Sun

As a Florida resident, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz lately about switching to solar energy. Maybe you’ve done some research, yet feel like making the transition might not be all that it’s cracked up to be. There’s no doubt that the effects on the environment are immediate; you instantly reduce your carbon footprint when you convert to solar power. But Read More

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Changing Landscape of Florida Solar Power

Posted on Oct 17, 2016 by Fun in the Sun

Just a few months ago, a major step forward toward solar energy was taken by Florida residents when they voted on an initiative called Amendment 4. This legislation passed with overwhelming numbers, and creates a big change in the future of solar power for Florida business owners. The passage of the amendment clearly communicates that you are ready to see more renew Read More

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True Benefits of Solar Energy

Posted on Oct 09, 2016 by Fun in the Sun

The benefits of solar energy are always touted as global statements, expressing how great it is for the environment and how we can make a significant change in the world. While this information is absolutely true, very rarely do we hear about anyone going in depth about what these changes actually entail. Utilizing solar energy not only has positive effects on our climate, but also on people’s h Read More

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Hurricane Matthew is Coming

Posted on Oct 06, 2016 by Fun in the Sun

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-2-20-23-pm Our friends at Professional Aquatic Services shared some helpful tips for preparing for Hurricane Matthew and we wanted to share them with you.  Here are some tips for pre Read More

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