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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Solar Power On The Go

Posted on Jan 24, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

Technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of what we think is an option. Imagine getting power from the sun? Crazy, if someone thought of the idea 100 years ago. Now, the idea of solar energy is very commonplace for us, but we limit it to usage inside our home. For those of us constantly on the go, can solar power really meet our needs? Some people say yes.Read More

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Brush Up On Your Solar Power Lingo

Posted on by Fun in the Sun

Have you found that as you research and talk with people about solar energy that they use words you aren’t quite sure about? A solar energy system has a lot of parts to it, and while the technology behind it is pretty straigh Read More

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Solar Heating for a Toasty Winter

Posted on Jan 11, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

We’re only into January but so far this winter seems to be a little crazy. While Florida has still remained nice and warm, other parts of the country aren’t faring so well. If you’re longing to escape to a winter wonderland, you might end up purchasing a cabin to visit every now and again. If you’ve already made this type of investment, consider utilizing a Read More

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Solar Power Is More Affordable Than Ever

Posted on Jan 03, 2017 by Fun in the Sun

As long as most of us have been alive, we’ve been utilizing fossil fuels to power our lives. It’s always been accepted as the norm. Gas prices go up and they go down. Energy rates fluctuate from time to time. But rarely does anyone challenge this method of thought. Why are we stuck using energy that we’ve always used? Read More

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