For a long time solar power has been touted as a consumer energy source. It’s primarily been designed for use on private residences and some businesses, and in recent years is starting to be implemented by larger corporations and universities. Soon all of that will change, with a new application of this renewable energy that could create more opportunity for everyone.

The Department of Energy has long been assessing the viability of solar energy, and has recently come to the conclusion that the military could greatly benefit from the utilization of solar panels on various bases throughout the country. This effort isn’t only viewed as a cost saving idea, but one that will help to make things more secure.

You might be wondering how solar panels on a military base affect you in your home, right? While you may never see a direct change as a result of this new idea, the effects seen on the solar industry as a whole could potentially reach you and your pocketbook.

Like many other industries, involving large influencing parties tends to reap effects that trickle down for consumers to enjoy. It’s being discussed that the integration of military personnel into the solar community will provide a huge source of research money to improve upon the current technology. Many think of this as an infusion of new funds and ideas into solar power, which will in turn pass down better products at lower rates to private parties.

Getting a solar power system installed on your home is cheaper than ever, and thanks to the military’s involvement, it sounds like it’s about to get even better!