Many solar power companies and employees have certainly faced obstacles and uncertainties before, but perhaps none so challenging as the constantly changing conditions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Keeping up with the coronavirus may seem like an impossible task but if you put the proper safety protocols in place and use the right safety tools, it can go a long way in reducing any risks.

COVID-19 has led to a global pandemic that has changed the world in many ways over the past five months. And while the coronavirus outbreak has shaken the world and the economy, it hasn’t stopped the demand for affordable electricity that reduces our carbon footprint. We’re talking about solar power. 

So what kind of COVID safety guidelines and protocols are in place for Fun in the Sun employees and technicians?

General Safety Guidelines for Solar Employees

For starters, following the recommendations set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should be a priority, and the only guidelines you follow. Also, all solar power employees and techs should follow their state and local rules or advice on disease prevention. Additionally, these matters should be talked about at least once a week to discuss the ever-changing influence of COVID-19 on our lives, and if any updates have been made with CDC guidelines.

Person to Person Contact and Solar Employees

Ideally, there should be no person to person to contact since mainly everything can be done virtually when it comes to the design process. As far as the actual installation, most of that takes place on a roof. So there’s usually no need for customers to be in direct contact with any members of the installation team.

If any communication is needed, the installation team ensures they speak to the customers from, at least, six feet apart. Furthermore, all techs and employees wear a mask (whenever and wherever they go), while working. As well as sanitize their hands throughout their entire workday.

Additional COVID-19 Guidelines to Keep Our Customers Safe

  • If possible, all employees should work from home unless they are out on a job site.
  • If employees have to come into the office or interact with other employees, they may only do so if healthy (showing no symptoms) and wearing a mask.
  • Any employee that has to work on a job site must complete a daily evaluation for COVID-19 symptoms. And must take their temperature to make sure they don’t have a fever.
  • We sanitize and clean any work vehicles daily after use.
  • Customers should be kept posted about the arrival time of work crews and service workers to help avoid contact.
  • All workers avoid sharing tools and thoroughly sanitize equipment between users and at the end of every job.

We hope these safety guidelines have helped, and we encourage you to implement the COVID-19 prevention protocols that we’ve outlined above.

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