Given that you live in the Sunshine State, wouldn’t you think that Florida residents would take up the opportunity for solar energy to power their home or business? It turns out the numbers tell a slightly different story – in fact, only about 16,000 people in the entire state have solar systems that they hook up to electric utilities.

Utilizing the sun’s rays to power your home is a great plan, yet it your system fails or you run out of your reserve power, you’ll literally be in the dark. For this reason, many individuals decide to work with their local utility companies to ensure they have power at all times. Some counties actually require this collaboration, so resident’s aren’t given much of a choice.

At the end of every month, the utility company will examine how much energy you generated compared to how much you used. If you come out with a surplus, you can receive money for the unused portion.

With this system available to most of the 20 million residents in Florida, why aren’t more people taking advantage of this amazing idea? Perhaps it’s that solar energy hasn’t hit its full potential yet, as some are skeptical of its longevity.

Still others might be deterred by the upfront cost of equipment, installation, and maintenance. Those who don’t own their home or tend to move often might also find that solar isn’t a good fit for them, but on the whole it seems that getting a check written to you every month by the utility company is the best deal around!

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