We are proud to announce that Fun in the Sun is not only the first vendor in Florida, but the first in the United States to carry both FAFCO and Aquatherm solar products. With industry reputations that put them at the top of their class, these are two of the highest quality solar energy equipment manufacturers in the U.S., and they have come together with Fun in the Sun to create the finest selection of solar panels in Central Florida.

At Fun in the Sun, we have worked to make a history of selling high quality products, and for a long time, FAFCO was one of the top brands we offered. But now, we are rolling out a renewed partnership that is only expected to help us grow and offer even more quality in even more areas of solar technology.

Aquatherm is a developer and manufacturer of solar pool heaters, helping to extend the swim season with some of the most efficient and affordable panels and heating systems on the market today. Alongside FAFCO, they make the perfect pair, and whether you are a first time buyer or a long time investor in solar, it isn’t hard to see the value in having them side by side. The Sunshine State has never seen a more dynamic duo!

Now, homeowners and businesses with an interest in going solar can enjoy the luxury of a one-stop shop for all their solar needs. From panels to installation, Fun in the Sun is outfitted with everything you need to get started building a cleaner, greener lifestyle.  No other solar energy equipment provider in the U.S. can offer what Fun in the Sun can offer, which makes Central Florida the perfect place to invest in a solar future.