Our friends at Professional Aquatic Services shared some helpful tips for preparing for Hurricane Matthew and we wanted to share them with you.  Here are some tips for preparing your pool if a hurricane comes calling:

1. Remove any loose objects (chairs, tables, pool equipment and toys) which can become dangerous projectiles in high winds. If you cannot store them inside a building, carefully and gently placing them in the pool will help shield them from the winds. Be very careful in doing so, and remember, pool chemicals may damage them.

2. Secure loose items from the pool (like your skimmer lid).

3. Turn off breakers to the pool before the storm. You can turn them back on after it is all clear.

4. Take pictures of your pool equipment and pool before and after the storm for insurance purposes.

5. Have a hurricane supply kit.

6. Examine your pool equipment for damage before beginning normal operation of the pool.

7. Don’t worry about your pool overflowing. In most cases, pools are equipped with deck drains that help prevent water from going into your home. Additionally, water will flow through your screen enclosure and out into your yard. Do not attempt to lower your pool water level during the storm.

8. Call Fun in the Sun for any solar repairs and services.  Call Professional Aquatic Services for any necessary repairs or questions after the storm.