The time has finally come, you’re thinking of investing and installing solar installations into your home. But first, you need to figure out whether your home is ready. “Is my house fit for solar?” should be the first thing that comes to mind before getting started on anything.

There are several factors to consider, including your roof angle, PV system installation, and the amount of direct sunlight received. These are all important factors to understand if your home is a good fit for your home or not before setting up your installation.

So today, we’ve put together a list of a few things to help you figure out if you should install rooftop solar panels in your home:

Your Home’s Location Climate

As you may know, solar panels work differently according to the weather conditions. If you are located in a warmer region such as Florida, or rain prone states like Georgia, solar panels will work in different ways and affect your home differently. However, technologically-advanced and high-performance PV systems convert direct and subdued sunlight into electrical energy.

This means that your rooftop panels operate in cloudy weather just like they do in sunny weather. It’s important to know this and to talk to your solar experts to figure out the amount of energy your solar panels will generate. This will also help you understand how much you can save on your monthly power bills by switching to solar power.

Your Roof Angle

Your rooftop angle will determine your panel orientation, which will determine how much energy your solar system will produce from the sun. If your panels face southwards,  your rooftop solar system will produce more energy from the sun. It’s important to make sure it is set up on a surface facing the south for maximum efficiency. Before considering installation, have an installer come out and check the panel installation. Is there a great amount of tree shade, does your home’s roof receive enough sunlight to meet your family’s energy requirements?

Your Roof Quality For Solar Installations

Your roof quality is another important factor when installing a solar system. PV systems work best on roofs made of asphalt shingle, composite, seam metal, or concrete tile. Systems can also be slate tile, wood shake, or mortar with clay or stone-coated steel or composite metal. When looking into solar systems see if your roof is able to handle this type of installation, if not, consider replacing your roof before installing.

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