Solar users who live in Florida certainly don’t have much to worry about when it comes to freezing winter weather, but just because there isn’t snow on the ground it doesn’t mean that your solar panels will perform the exact same way they do the rest of the year. Even in the Sunshine State, it helps to keep some winter maintenance in mind.

During the winter months, days are notably shorter, and this obviously means there’s less time for the sun to be out and charging up your energy system. Homeowners who utilize a backup supply for their solar might find that their resources start to drain a bit because of how few hours of sunlight there are.

Because of this, it pays to go through a quick checklist of items to ensure that you’re smart when it comes to energy usage during winter:

  • As often as you can, try using the sun’s warmth to heat your home instead of relying on the power from your solar energy system.
  • Be a bit more diligent about turning off lights when not in the room or even unplugging items that you don’t regularly use. Every little bit will help to prolong your use of reserve energy.
  • Do some extra home maintenance – check your heater ducts for leaks, replace light bulbs with high-efficiency versions, and assess if your home is properly insulated.

Those who live in Florida no doubt experience winter quite differently from the rest of the country, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be mindful of how to stretch your solar energy power.