You’ve heard about Solar Power. Your friends just made the switch and have been raving about it to you. Despite their endorsements, you’re just not sure. There are many reasons to switch to Solar but here are just a few benefits to get you started.


1). Increased Property Value
If you’re a homeowner, consider installing solar. It will not only provide benefits to you during your time there, but it will increase the overall value of your home when you’re ready to sell. According to the  National Renewable Energy Laboratory, every $1 saved per energy bill will increase your house’s value by $20.  Research goes on to show that your house’s value is raised an average of $5,911 for each 1 kilowatt of solar installed. The cost of installing solar will pay for itself and then some.

2). Long Term $$$ Saver
The average American family spends over $1,400 a year on electricity, and rates have been increasing by an average of 2.2% on an annual basis. Investing in solar energy puts you in charge of your power and saves you from falling victim to the ever increasing prices of standard energy services. Solar energy is an upfront investment. The average price for Florida homeowners to install a 5kw system is just below $10,000. The state electric rate is $0.1139 per KWH. Over a 20 year spread you’re looking at saving just over $16,000. The long term savings cover cost of installation and provide you with an excess savings of $6,000.

3). The Backup Plan
Solar power does more than just increase your house value and save you money, it also provides you with a sense of security. Solar power is a built in backup plan during disasters. Power grids frequently go down during storms and hurricanes, leaving residents worse off and without basic necessities during times of crisis. Having your own solar power will ensure you still have power during a disaster.