While Solar Power is a time and money saver, there is still a little maintenance associated with them. Staying on top of your solar panels will help ensure you’re getting the maximum efficiency. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your solar panels with proper maintenance of solar panels.

Solar panels are durable and able to hold up to many weather conditions. So whether you’re located far up north with heavy snowfall or down along the tropical coast with heatwaves and reoccurring rain, your solar panels will serve you right. The trick is to keep the panels clear of any snow, debris like leaves and sticks, and dust.

Maintenance of Solar Panels

To remove dust and debris there are several options. While a light rainfall might clean the panels off, it’s best to maintain them yourself. You can use an everyday garden hose or leaf blower to clean off the panels. Depending on the weight and depth of the snow you can also use the leaf blower to clear snow off the panels. If the snow is too heavy, alternative cleaning methods such as using lukewarm water, or a long squeegee to clear off the layer may be necessary. While using lukewarm water is fine, NEVER use hot water on cold panels. This can permanently damage your solar panels. Also avoid using rock salt, Rainx, or any type of car wax.

You can also install a solar power monitoring system. This is the easiest way to stay on top of your panels’ performance and malfunctions. The system will track data so you know exactly the daily and long term trends of your solar panels. It will also notify you of any malfunction that occurs.

While solar panels are built to last many, many years, keeping on top of them with regular maintenance and upkeep will lengthen the life of your solar panels and increase overall performance.

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