As solar power becomes more and more mainstream, it’s easier to become educated about this amazing source of clean energy. However, there are still some solar statistics and sets of data out there that might shock some homeowners.

Some Solar Statistics

Here are some surprising solar statistics to think about:

  • Solar is growing at a fast rate, with the industry growing 41% last year. Only natural gas saw a larger amount of energy generated than solar power.
  • The National Renewable Energy Laboratory states that only 25% of rooftops are actually suitable for solar installation. While this number sounds low, it gives homeowners, renters, and business owners the chance to participate in other projects like community-owned solar spaces.
  • Solar is getting more affordable, as the price of solar panels has dropped 80% since 2008. As the technology to produce these products becomes more advanced, there’s a good chance that costs will continue to decline.
  • The solar industry has added almost 50,000 jobs to the nation’s economy in the last four years. It’s an area that’s booming all across the country and these jobs are helping families thrive.
  • Every 20 seconds a solar system is installed somewhere. When you think about solar’s popularity from that perspective, it’s pretty incredible!
  • Florida still has a way to go when it comes to being a top solar producer, as California is number one in megawatts installed.

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