The benefits of solar energy are always touted as global statements, expressing how great it is for the environment and how we can make a significant change in the world. While this information is absolutely true, very rarely do we hear about anyone going in depth about what these changes actually entail. Utilizing solar energy not only has positive effects on our climate, but also on people’s health as well. Let’s take a deeper look at a few of the amazing benefits of going solar.

Most everyone currently obtains their energy from burning fossil fuels, including coal and natural gas. Without diving into the political aspect of this methodology, it’s clear to most people that this practice is not sustainable, not safe, and is a detriment to many people in our nation. When contrasted against using the sun as an everlasting energy source, it’s clear that solar power truly does benefit us.

Another element to consider is the level of greenhouse gases which are emitted into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels. This is the real game changer when it comes to sustainability and health risks. The most noted of all the emissions is CO2, and when we have an abundance of it like we do now, it contributes to rising sea levels, ecosystem changes, and extreme weather conditions. It’s estimated that switching to solar power has such a positive effect on reducing greenhouse gases that it offers the equivalent of planting close to 200 trees!

Quite possibly one of the most personal benefits of switching to solar energy is the affect it has on air quality. Imagine what kind of toxins are being released during the mining and burning of fossil fuels. If we reduce these toxins, people will experience significantly less respiratory and cardiovascular issues. When it’s put into this perspective, solar power is about more than just “saving the planet”. It creates a measurable and personal effect in your life and the lives of those around you.