The year 2019 saw many innovations in solar power energy, with South Florida being one place that has recently made significant progress in the solar sector. With Florida Power & Light Company projected to install 30 million solar panels by the year 2030, and Broward County supporting its residents and businesses in gaining access to solar panels to use on their property, and the city of South Miami committing to becoming 100% reliant on renewable energy before 2050, it’s safe to say there are big projections for solar power over in the 2020s.

Predicting the future isn’t easy, especially with all the emerging technologies and requirements facing the solar industry. However, current trends may be able to show us where solar is headed in the coming decade. Here’s what we can expect for solar power over the next decade.

  • There will be an increase in jobs in the solar industry. If recent trends are to be believed the solar industry itself will grow exponentially. This means that the number of people employed by the solar industry will also increase.
  • Solar equipment will become more affordable. In more recent years the cost of solar equipment has come down, which has increased the number of people investing in the solar industry.
  • Solar installations will become even more efficient. Today’s solar installations are more efficient than any previous models, and we expect that trend to continue.
  • Solar will expand and grow in all states across the country. As of now, solar has only become popular in a few states such as California and Florida. However, as solar becomes more cost-effective for more people, more states are encouraging solar installations with special incentives and tax rebates.
  • Solar energy will provide a noticeable, and positive economic effect. Since solar incentives are expected to be appearing in many states, we expect it to start making massive changes in the economy.

Solar power is more widely used in the United States than ever before, but it is still hard for most of us to imagine a world in which it becomes the dominant source of power. Nevertheless, we are moving toward that eventual goal.