Fun in the Sun offers the finest in energy efficient pool equipment. From solar energy heaters to automation technologies, we allow you to customize your pool experience with all the equipment you want, without charging you a fortune.

And because most of our pool equipment is energy efficient, you can rest assured it’s built with cost-saving energy efficiency built right in. We ensure high quality products and an installation and servicing team to go along with it!

Automation Controls – Put your pool on cruise control with automation systems.
Pool and Spa Pumps – Reliable, durable pumps for in-ground pools.
Filtration Equipment – Consistent filtration will keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently.
Gas Pool Heaters – Heat up your pool fast and efficiently.
Heat Pumps – Read more about heat pump features.
Solar Pool Heating Systems – Solar swimming pool heaters cost absolutely nothing to operate.
LED Pool & Spa Lighting – The brightest and most efficient underwater LED color light available.
Electronic Chlorine Generators – Turn ordinary salt into chlorine right in your pool.
Ozone Generator – A natural fresh bottled-water swimming experience.
Custom Fire Pit Bowls – Custom fire features for your outdoor living enjoyment.

When traditional equipment just doesn’t cut it, it’s time to make the bright and shining transition to the pool equipment that not only helps the environment but also saves you money. Call Fun in the Sun today, and find out what you can do to make your pool equipment energy efficient and cost efficient!

Can we use a phone to control our pool?

Yes, there are automation systems used to control you pool from any smart phone, tablet, desk or laptop.

What’s the ROI for a variable speed pump?

When replacing a faultly pump 14 months or less

Will a LED pool light change my entire pool colors?

Yes, the LED intellibright lights are very bright and will turn your entire pool different colors.