Aquatherm Pool Heaters

The United States Department of Energy agrees that “Solar Pool Heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy in many climates.” This sort of thinking is what makes Fun in the Sun excited to introduce Aquatherm to our collection of high-quality solar energy equipment.

Aquatherm is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of solar pool heaters with centers in 5 countries, and 10 U.S. states. But not only are they committed to solar pool heating, they are dedicated to quality. Aquatherm manufactures all of their system components and collects in one place, which ensures that each and every piece of their systems is up to the Aquatherm standard. They only use compounded resin when manufacturing their solar collectors, ensuring they have a healthy balance of protective anti-oxidants, such as carbon-black, which prevents the collectors from fading.


What Makes Aquatherm Different?

Aquatherm believes in quality and performance, but they prove it by meeting quality, safety, and durability standards.

In 2013, they became IAPMO performance-certified, which means the plumbing and mechanical components of their products will always be top of their class.

In 2011, Aquatherm became the first solar pool heater to be NSF-50 listed, and in the same year, they received ISO 9001:2008 registration. These promise that Aquatherm products will also hold to the highest standard of sanitation and quality.

Key Quality Standards of Aquatherm products:


Testing is one of the best ways to prove quality, durability, and safety. Aquatherm ensures that every piece of solar energy equipment that leaves their facility retains its quality and exceeds the standards of state, national, and international specifications. That’s why Aquatherm products exceed expectations of both industry leaders and customers.

What does Aquatherm Quality Testing Show?

Free of Contaminants – The only thing in your pool should be warm water!

Design Durability – Aquatherm equipment is meant to last in every type of weather!

Corrosion Resistance – No matter how much grime and sludge builds up, Aquatherm holds strong!

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The Ultra-Swim Solar Pool Heater

Compared to most traditional pool heaters, Aquatherm’s Ultra-Swim Solar Pool Heater is lightyears beyond the rest. You don’t have to travel through time to realize that solar is the wave of the future, and Aquatherm is reimagining solar pool heating systems with wind-load relief technology and full roof ventilation, a combination that leaves you with one of the most durable and efficient pool heaters on the market.

Not only does the Ultra-Swim Solar Pool Heater make the most of roof space, but it utilizes highly effective tube-on-tube collectors. This perfectly designed web of made with durability in mind, and no matter the weather, it collects massive amounts of energy to warm your pool to the perfect temperature.

Ultra-Swim Cross

The Eagle Claw Mounting System is the ideal structure for solar pool heating. Stainless steel mounts and dual-durometer collector couplers ensures your Ultra-Swim Pool Heater is secured for the long haul, and the rigid design allows for better use of roof space, bringing the panels closer together for maximized efficiency.

Whether utilized at home, commercial pools, military facilities, or hotels, the Ultra-Swim Pool Heater will no doubt provide a swimming experience like no other. After all, nothing compares to the warm fuzzy feeling of slipping into a heated pool!