Why Heat Your Pool?

A heated pool can double or even triple your comfortable swim season. The chart below shows seasonal average temperatures for Central Florida pools. The unfortunate reality is that a screened pool is only 80°F or warmer for about three months. Screened pools near the coast and in urban surroundings will be the warmest, possibly reaching 83–85°F between the last week of July through the first week in September.

Open pools are usually a few degrees warmer than screened pools because the pool surface receives more direct solar energy. An open pool may stay above 80°F for over four months.

With a fairly typical residential swimming pool, patio deck and screen enclosure now running between $25,000 and $40,000, it makes absolutely no sense if you are only able to enjoy your pool for three months of the year. Especially when Florida’s climate offers nine months or more of great outdoor weather.

Still, even if you never go near your pool during the winter, a pool heater can double and, in some cases, triple your comfortable swim season, by opening up those wonderful spring and fall days when the weather is beautiful but that pool is just too nippy.

A swimming pool heater increases the value of your home and allows you to get more enjoyment and relaxation out of your swimming pool investment. Even more benefits include:

While air temperatures in northern states limit outdoor pool time to a few short months, even with a heater, Florida offers the opportunity for pool owners to heat and keep their pools heated no matter what time of year.

Does it make sense to increase your pool investment by 10 to 15 percent if it allows you to get 200 to 300 percent more use and enjoyment out of your pool?