Fun in the Sun has extensive experience providing installations of solar systems for customers throughout Central Florida. Since its creation in 1996, we have made it our mission to exceed expectations by regularly installing systems our customers can trust. Our team’s dedication to reliable installations has earned us the “Service Company of the Year” for many years in a row.

Solar Pool Heating

Heat your pool effortlessly with the power of the sun. Solar pool heating dramatically reduces costs and environmental impact compared to gas or electric heaters. Plus, you can keep your pool warm well past summer without worrying about expensive electric bills.

Solar Hot Water

Reduce the cost of heating water in your home by over 80% when you switch to solar hot water. And experience even more savings with a 30% tax rebate on these durable systems.

Solar Electric

Cut your dependence on the grid by installing solar panels on your roof. Energy prices will continue to rise throughout the nation, but a house fitted with solar electric lets the sun take care of the energy bill. And solar electric pays for itself over time.


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What Our Customers Have to Say

“I didn’t think a solar water heater was necessary at first. And I was worried that the water wouldn’t stay warm through the night. Then I realized how much I could save on my electric bill. I called up Fun in the Sun and they quickly installed the solar water heater without any problems. I save so much on my energy bills now, and the water stays piping hot throughout the night”

Sara M.

“At first I wanted to do my part for the environment, and when I saw that solar panels were finally getting cheaper, I jumped on board. The tax rebates are a great incentive too. Now my energy bills are lower. Each year it seems like electric prices are going up. I’m glad I didn’t wait to make the switch”

David G.