Solar Hot Water

Like all solar technologies, solar water heating starts with one very simple thing: the sun. But what’s even more impressive than that is small panel on top of your roof that uses the sun to keep your water consistently hot. A thin film of cells pulls in energy from sunlight that is then transferred to the water supply itself and used to power a unique heater continues to heat even at night. Because the panel has its own storehouse of energy, your home is never without hot water, and you’ll never have to worry about cold showers again.

When electric water heaters were introduced, they spread like wildfire, from household to household, because they saved people immense amounts of trouble and discomfort. Now, the same trend is occurring with solar water heaters, because they make such a difference in the cost of electricity. In fact, 2 person household can save 15% on annual utilities, while a 4 person home can save 25%.

With rising utility bills, there is no better way to take the next step in making a Green home than with a clean, renewable resource like solar. Not only does it supply the same amount of power and heat to your water as an electric heater, but it saves you money. At Fun in the Sun, that’s one of the many things we hope to help you achieve. Get the right equipment at the right price with clean, solar energy fueling it. We’ve got the change you’ve been looking for. Come and see what a solar hot water can do for your home.