Are Solar Panels Worth It?

May 25, 2021

"Are solar panels worth it?" is one of the most common questions when people are looking at investing in a solar panel system. Regardless of which state you live in, (but especially in Florida) the answer is yes! A solar panel system can provide Florida residents with many benefits, including the big one we are all looking for - it will help you save money! So today, we’ll be discussing three benefits to going solar, and why you shouldn’t wait any longer in this investment.

Save Your Money

You should consider going solar if you have a high utility bill and qualify for tax breaks or other savings. Let’s be honest, the rising costs of an electricity bill is something everyone dreads every month. Solar panels generate their own power and can therefore greatly offset your monthly electricity bill, if not eliminate it. The higher your bill, the more likely you'll benefit from switching. However, it’s important to have an expert come out to your home beforehand to evaluate your roof and where the solar panels would be placed. Direct sunlight has a lot to do with how solar panels work, and if you want to save money from your system in the long run.

The government offers homeowners and those who decide to go solar many incentives. In 2020, a residential tax credit allowed taxpayers to claim 26% of installation costs for systems placed. Although the credit has decreased to 22% in 2021, you are still getting a great deal of savings. You won’t be able to get your savings in the form of a refund, however, your solar panel system incentive could reduce or even eliminate the amount you own on your taxes.

Solar Panels Help the Environment

On top of saving money, solar panel systems are a great form of clean energy - which positively impacts the environment. With solar energy, there will be less of a worry for global warming and improved public health (the air we breathe). Also, according to UCSUSA, on average, more jobs are created for each unit of electricity generated from renewable sources than from fossil fuels.”

Solar Panels Add More Value to Your Home

Lastly, solar panels add more value to your home, especially in Florida. Many residential home buyers are now only looking for solar panel systems when purchasing their new home. According to research done by Zillow in April 2019, “homes with solar-energy systems sold for 4.1% more on average than comparable homes without solar power. For the median-valued home, that translates to an additional $9,274.” This number obviously varies by market, but regardless it still adds value. Homes with solar-energy systems sell for more than those without them because they can provide future energy cost savings. For homeowners who know they consume a lot of power, why wouldn’t you make the decision to go solar?

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After reading this article and the benefits we mentioned above are you still asking, “Are solar panels worth it?” If you haven’t already figured it out, the answer is yes, but it comes with a home evaluation and a lot of research. We recommend reaching out to experts today in order to get your process started. For assistance with scheduling and service information, please contact us directly: 407.696.5292, 352.578.1386, or 1.866.381 WARM. You can also click here for a FREE estimate!
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