Save Big With An Electric Pool Pump

May 25, 2021

Regardless of the season, our swimming pools are always calling our names. If only we could swim year-round without the worry of hefty electricity bills! However, there is a way to save big so you can enjoy your pool year-round. When it comes to saving on pool heaters, an electric pool pump is a great option, and here’s why.

Electric pool heaters work by bringing water into a heating tank, then pumping the now warmed water back into your pool. This constant exchange of cold and warmth keeps your pool perfectly heated, even when the weather is cold. Here are two big ways to save:

Run Your Electric Pool Pump for Less Time

Something to keep in mind is that your pool heater pump is used to help heat your pool, as well as circulate and clean the water. On average, pool pumps run for 8 hours a day, however, they often do not need to be run for this long. This is because a pool pump’s horsepower is typically too strong for the size of the pool, meaning it uses more energy than you actually need which raises your electricity bill! We recommend keeping an eye on your pump throughout the day, and perhaps try 4-6 hours, rather than 8. By reducing your pool pump by 2 hours you could save you up to $10 per month.

Electric Pool Heater Pump Does the Most Work in the Least Amount of Time

Another thing to keep in mind is that an electric pool heat pump does the most work in the least amount of time. If you want to go for a warm swim, you can within minutes while with other pool heating options you have to wait longer. This means, as we mentioned above, that you do not need to have it running all day long in order to get the job done.

Other Ways to Save

A few other tips we recommend to save:
  • Replace your existing pump motor with an energy-efficient one.
  • Consider trying two-speed pumps versus one.
  • Use a variable speed pump.
  • Use a bigger, more effective pool filter to reduce pump time.
  • Keep an eye on good water balance.
  • Use sanitizers to keep your pool water clean so the pump has less work to do.

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