Can My Home Be Solar Electric?

May 25, 2021

Have you ever stopped to think about the many things the sun does for us? It’s a given that it provides those of us in Florida with sunshine all day long, vitamin D, lots of heat, and some great beach days, but what about other ways it can affect our lives? Did you know that the sun is a concept of green energy and it can provide power to our planet without using fossil fuels? Solar electric has become increasingly more popular as awareness of green energy grows.

The price of Florida PV solar systems has decreased tremendously in recent years. This is why you are finding many more homes across the entire state going solar. But the main question for many is if their home is ready to go solar. So today, we’re sharing a few things you may need to look into before going solar.

What Kind of Roof Do You Have?

If you’re looking at getting a Florida PV solar system installed one of the first things you’ll need to make sure is that you have a strong, durable roof. Some of the best types of roofs for solar panels are asphalt shingles, concrete tile, or standing seam metal.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your roof is in good shape and doesn’t need to be replaced. Solar panels can last up to 40 years, and you wouldn’t want to have to remove them because you need a roof. We recommend getting all of this checked out before going solar.

Does Your Home Receive Plenty of Sunlight?

It’s very simple, the more direct sunlight your home receives, the more power your panels will produce. Although a Florida PV solar system can produce power in low light situations, the most energy comes from direct sunlight.

How Much is Your Energy Bill?

Another factor to consider if your home can go solar is if your electricity is high. Knowing how much money your spending on electricity each month is something super important to consider when you’re wanting to go solar.

For many homeowners, the electricity bill is a dreaded monthly expense and it’s very known that going solar makes the most sense for those with a high electricity bill. In the end, you’ll most likely make your money back and then some on the Florida PV system that you choose to have installed.

Contact Us About Solar Electric

If you’re still considering whether or not you come can be solar electric it’s time to call the pros. At Fun in the Sun, we’d be happy to come out and inspect your home to see if going solar is the right decision for you. For assistance with scheduling and service information, please contact us directly: 407.696.5292, 352.578.1386, or 1.866.381 WARM. You can also click here for a FREE estimate!
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