How to Do a Solar Installation

May 25, 2021

As of today, more and more homeowners in the U.S. are considering going solar. If you’re considering going solar you are probably wondering what actually happens when the experts arrive at your home for the solar installation. Today we will be sharing the five big steps that happen after you sign your solar contract with a solar company in Florida. Before you can start seeing any kind of power from the panels of your roof, here’s what has to happen.

Step 1: A Site Visit From the Experts

The first step in a solar installation process is a visit from the experts at a solar company in Florida, like Fun in the Sun! After you sign your contract you can expect the experts to automatically make an appointment with you to come out. You can expect an engineer to come out to your property to evaluate the current electrical status of your home and make sure everything is good to go with your new energy source system. Additionally, the engineer will inspect the structure of your roof where the panels will be installed, and your electrical box to see if it needs to be upgraded. Keep in mind this engineer site visit is different than a general site visit prior to signing your contract.

Step 2: Review and Secure Your Permits

If you thought the only paperwork involved in this big investment was your contract, try again! Installing solar panels involves a lot of paperwork, however, lucky for you, most of this is for the experts. The second step in your solar installation process is reviewing and securing your permits. Securing a permit will differ based on where in the U.S. you live. Your installer should know the restrictions and requirements of your area and state in which they operate, and can guide you to figure out which permits you may need. Often, the installer will just fill out the paperwork for you.

Step 3: Place Your Order for Equipment

Now that you’ve completed your site and visit and have figured out all of your paperwork it’s time to place your order! At this point, you should have already decided with your installer which equipment you will be ordering, so this step should be fairly easy. Once your equipment order is placed, your installation date should be added to the calendar with your solar company in Florida.

Step 4: Actual Installation

The day has finally come! Step four of the solar installation process is the actual installation! On this day, the first thing your installer will do is start by prepping your roof to make sure the shingles or tiles are properly attached. Then, they add electrical wiring. After that, they will install the racking where your panels will be placed. Once the racking is safely secured the panels will go right on top. Seems pretty easy right? However, with this type of process, the installation usually takes between one to three days. So while installation day is exciting, don’t expect for it all to be done in an hour. This is a big investment for you and your home, so the installers want to make sure the job is right.

Step 5: Make Sure Everything Looks Good

The last step to going solar is to get the official “go”. After installation, you will need to have someone from the city come out to inspect your solar panel system. We recommend getting this date on the books as soon as you know your install date so you aren’t waiting around! This “check” from the city representative is basically making sure your installer did their work correctly. As long as they see no issues, your solar panel system will go live and connect to the grid anywhere from two weeks to a month after they come and check it.

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Going solar may seem an easy process. Something that everyone seems to be doing these days. But it actually comes with a lot of work. However, if you go with the right solar company like Fun in the Sun you should be in good hands throughout your solar installation process!

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