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Cocoa Beach is a Florida city south of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It’s a gateway to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and is known for its beautiful beaches. If you own a home in Cocoa with a pool you’ll want to use it year round. Do you want to get more use out of your pool, no matter the season, without paying a fortune? Say goodbye to expensive electric bills and dive into more fun-filled memories with solar pool heating and the best Cocoa Solar Company.

The three different options for heating your pool. They are electric, gas, and solar pool heaters. Gas and electric pool heaters are known to heat your pool up very efficiently. Still, the downside is that they are much more expensive because they are constantly using up energy supplied by your utility company to heat your pool. While solar pool heating is not the cheapest option upfront, you will see a return on your investment over the years. Fun in the Sun is a Cocoa Solar Company that can help.

What is Solar Electric (PV)?

Solar Electricity can lower your utility bills and fully power your home, all by being powered by the sunshine.. It is clean, safe and reliable. If you’re tired of paying expensive energy bills, you value the environment, or you like to see a high rate of return on your investment, solar electricity is right for you. It is an affordable way to lower your electricity costs each month while limiting your carbon footprint.

After installing a solar panel system in your home, this is how you can expect it to work.

When you install solar panels on your home or in a nearby sunny area, the solar cells inside the solar panel begin collecting energy from the sun. This energy travels down to a converter that converts the electricity from DC to AC for use in your house. As long as the sun is out, your solar panels can generate electricity. Their peak performance is midday during the summer months, but even in winter on a cloudy day, solar panels can still power your home.

What Is Solar Hot Water?

Solar water heaters use solar power to help create hot water for your home. Today, many residents are saving 10 to 15 percent on their monthly electricity bills. In order to work in your home effectively there are two types of solar water heaters - passive and active. Based off of your home’s location and hot water needs, should be the one you decide to go with.

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Reasons to Switch to Solar in


Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is quiet and clean. It does not generate greenhouse gases to worry about or further environmental damage.


Solar panels are made to last decades leaving you plenty of time to see a full return of your investment.

Add Value to Your Home

Solar electric is an investment. Because of all the benefits they offer, they increase the value of any home

Tax Credit

Residents who install a solar panel system to power their homes can receive a tax credit off the total cost.

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