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Melbourne is known as one of the best cities to live in Florida. With being near the beach, having unique restaurants, great parks and beautiful homes it’s an amazing place to own a home with a swimming pool. It’s also a great place to live and use your pool year round. But how do you do this without paying a fortune? Say goodbye to expensive electric bills and dive into more fun-filled memories with solar pool heating and the best Melbourne Solar Company.

There are a few different types of pool heaters you can get for your swimming pool.The three options for heating your pool are electric, gas, and solar. Gas and electric have the benefit of keeping your water temperature how you like it whenever you want, but also are more expensive and not environmentally friendly. Solar pool heating is the only one guaranteed to save you money. Fun in the Sun is a Melbourne Company that can help.

What is Solar Electric (PV)?

Solar Electricity works by transforming light from the sun into electricity. When this electricity is formed it can then be used as electricity in your home or to heat your pool! If you’re tired of paying expensive energy bills, you value the environment, or you like to see a high rate of return on your investment, investing in solar electricity is the right move for you. It is an affordable way to lower your electricity costs each month while limiting your carbon footprint.

After installation sunlight will hit your solar panels, and the solar PV cells will absorb all of the sunlight’s rays.This energy travels down to a converter that converts the electricity from DC to AC for use in your house. As long as the sun is out, your solar panels can generate electricity. The great thing about a solar electric system is that you don’t have to turn it on or off everyday. Your system does it all on it’s own.

Solar Hot Water

With solar pool heating, you will be even happier that you own a pool. A solar water heater doesn’t use energy from the grid to heat water, instead, it uses solar panels on your roof powered by the sun to heat the water in your home. As many know, solar powered energy has become very popular over the past few years because homeowners are looking to cut down their electric bill and use clean energy.

Mostly, there are two types of solar water heaters available for residential use. They are active and passive solar pool heaters. The one you decide to use is based off of which type of environment you live in and how much hot water your household requires.

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Reasons to Switch to Solar in


Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is quiet and clean. It does not generate greenhouse gases to worry about or further environmental damage.


Solar panels are made to last decades leaving you plenty of time to see a full return of your investment.

Add Value to Your Home

Solar electric is an investment. Because of all the benefits they offer, they increase the value of any home

Tax Credit

Residents who install a solar panel system to power their homes can receive a tax credit off the total cost.

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