A solar pool heater is a type of pool heating system that uses thermal energy from the sun to heat your pool. Before contacting an Orlando solar company, you may be wondering if a solar pool heating system even works. While many people won’t even hesitate, many are also on the fence as installing a system like this is a big investment. The answer to this ever so popular question is yes. A solar pool heater will in fact work tremendously for your pool, and here’s why.

How The Solar Pool Heating System Works

As a Florida solar company, Fun in the Sun gets a lot of questions on how a solar pool heater works and the different parts of it. See below for more information on each part of the system.

A Solar Collector

This is the part of the solar pool heating system where the pool water circulates to get ready to be heated by the sun’s rays.

A Filter

The filter is an important part of the solar pool heater because it removes debris from the water before sending it through the collector. It never allows any big particles such as tree leaves, through.

A Pump

A pump circulates the clean water through the filter and collector before going back into the pool. The size of the pump and flow rate depends on the size of the pool.

The Control Valve

The control valve can be manual or automatic and help regulate the flow through the solar collector.

The Process

Now that you know the different parts of a solar pool heater, it’s time to learn the process. Basically, when your solar pool heater is on and working pool water is being pumped through the filter, then to the solar collector, it is heated and then returned into the pool. However, although a pool heater is typically known to “heat” a pool, its collector can also be activated in the hotter months to cool the pool by circulating water through the collectors at night.

The Bottom Line…

A solar pool heating system makes your cold pool warm! And it can significantly reduce your swimming pool heating costs, especially during the colder months when you still want to get in the pool. These types of systems are extremely popular in the warmer states, such as Florida. As an Orlando Solar company, Fun in the Sun can provide the best service for a solar pool heater system for you.

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