Best Pool Heating Options For Your Home

May 25, 2021

Having a swimming pool can be a wonderful amenity that provides entertainment and fun and adds value to your home. Many pool owners love summer months in Florida when the outside temperatures are well above 90 degrees, and they can take advantage of the pool heating that the sun has to offer. However, that’s not to say that a pool is a perfect temperature even during the hottest months.

Best Pool Heating Options For Your Home

Whether you’re considering building a pool, or you already have a swimming pool, you’ll probably avoid swimming in it if the water is too cold. Without some heating, your pool water won’t get as warm as you’d like, which means you can’t enjoy it as often as you’d like to.

Fortunately, there are many pool heaters in Florida. Whether you’re looking for solar, electric, or gas heating, Fun in the Sun Solar has all of the right options for you.

Solar Pool Heating

When it comes to different pool heaters in Florida, solar is very popular because it is the most cost-effective option. Not only is it a great way to warm up your pool, but it can significantly cut costs by installing a solar pool heater. They have meager annual operating costs, and just like going solar for your home, you are sure to make money back on your investment.

Additionally, the system's cost is relatively affordable to install and lasts longer than an electric or gas pool heater would. They can also be installed in any size or shape above ground or inground pool.

Electric Pool Heating

An electric pool heater, also known as a heat pump, is similar to a central air conditioning unit (but in reverse). These pool heaters bring water into a heating tank and then pump the warmed water back into the pool.

They are constantly working, keeping your pool perfectly heated, even when the weather is cold. Electric pool heaters are less expensive than solar or gas heaters upfront. However, using an electric heater can cost more than other heating methods, so we suggest monitoring how much you need to use it if you are concerned.

Gas Pool Heating

Gas pool heaters in Florida use either propane or natural gas. They work by running the water through copper coils and returning to the pool warm. While a gas pool heater may be a bit more expensive, they can effectively operate independently of outdoor temperatures.

We recommend a gas pool heater when you're heating a pool for short periods of time or pools that you won't use regularly. The size of a gas pool heater is determined by the pool's surface area's size and the difference between the pool and the average air temperatures.

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When it comes to pool heating, there are many options for those who want to be swimming in their pools year-round. Although temperatures are typically warmer in Florida all months, some get a bit chillier. At Fun in the Sun, we believe that every pool owner needs a pool heater for year-round swimming. For assistance with scheduling and service information, please contact us directly: 407.696.5292, 352.578.1386, or 1.866.381 WARM. You can also click here for a FREE estimate!
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